Ride into the Sun, 3rd Industrial Art Biennial, Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria, Pula, 2020.
The Unremarkableness of Disobedient Desire, Lucie Drdova gallery, Prague, 2020. Image credits: Ondrej Polak, Valentýna Janu
Installation view, Technical Museum Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, 2019.
proposal for atrium, 50/68, slike utopije, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Zagreb, 2018.
Installation view, Vin Vin gallery, Vienna, 2018. Image credits: Flavio Palasciano
French pavilion, Zagreb (with Christoph Meier), 2017.
paintings, Vin Vin gallery, Vienna, 2016. Image credits: Gregor Titze
Installation view, between works, MSU galerija, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2016. Image credits: Marko Ercegovic
Installation view, ensure for size, Kunsthaus Graz project space, 2014. Image credits: Nicolas Lackner
23:30 – 11:13, 2013, plastic tumblers, oil on canvas, 50 x 35 cm